E l i z a b e t h F l u e h r A r t Z o n e

Color, Shape & Texture in Water Media


It's not uncommon to encounter architects who have somewhere along the road also chosen to be visual artists. My own very satisfying road of life has included roles as architect, wife and mother, home school mom, travel enthusiast, art teacher and artist. 

My passion for water media started in my late 20s with a basic watercolor class and that humble start has continued with art explorations and growth I could never have predicted. Tour this website and you will find many styles and subjects with the common thread being my love of color, shape, and visual texture.

My current work is no longer dominated by my first love--watercolor--but by other types of water media, particularly acrylic and acrylic ink. And recently I began finishing my work with ArtResin, an beautiful and eye-catching high-gloss epoxy that opens up to me a new road of creative possibilities. 


 Gallery Representation:

 Lewis Art Gallery

8600 Cass Street, Omaha Nebraska